Victoria Timeline 1910-1913


1910-1913 Prelude to War

Canada and the World



Mar 4 – Avalanche at Rogers Pass
May 4 – Royal Canadian Navy established by Naval Service Act
Aug 15 – Vancouver Exhibition (later the PNE) opens
May 6 – Edward VII dies of pneumonia.  George V becomes King.
Oct 11 – First long distance transmission Oct 22 – Songhees agreement moves reserve lands from downtown Victoria.
Nov 7 – HMCS Rainbow, the first warship in Canada’s Pacific fleet arrives at Esquimalt. See images of HMCS Rainbow in the archive here
Dec 31 – New reserve lands for Songhees purchased at Esquimalt.
William Gibson built the first aircraft engine in Canada in Victoria.  It was installed in a Gibson twin plane. Read more about William Gibson here


Census Return – Population of Canada 7,206,643 Census returns.  Victoria has grown from 20,816 in 1901 to 31,620 in 1911
Sept 21 – General Election  – William Borden’s Conservatives defeat  Wilfred Laurier’s Liberals on the issue of Reciprocity with the United States City lets contract to pave 30 miles of streets.  Large new dry dock to be built at Esquimalt.
June 22 – Coronation of George V Oct 24 – Contract let for construction of Victoria High School
Dec 14 – Roald Amundsen reaches the South Pole


Jan 18 – Robert Scott and 4 others reach the South Pole – none survive.
Feb 12 – China becomes a republic with the overthrow of the Manchu dynasty.
Apr 14 – RMS Titanic sinks on her maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg off Newfoundland.
Olympic Games in Stockholm.  George Golding (10 K walk) and George Hdgson (400 m and 1500 m swim) win gold for Canada
Aug 17 – Ontario issued a Circular 17 which banned the use of French in Ontario schools beyond the first two years of elementary school. Sept 3 – 88th Regiment (Fusiliers) formed in Victoria. See images of the 88th Victoria Fusiliers in the document archive 
Sept 2 – First Calgary Stampede Sept 27 – Duke and Duchess of Connaught and Princess Patricia visit Victoria
Sept 16 – Miners at Cumberland declared a “holiday” to protest the firing of a miner. Canadian Collieries locked them out and hired Chinese and recruits from Britain and the US as strike-breakers.
Oct 14 – First crossing of Canada by automobile Oct 5 – decision made to build the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Saanich. View images of Saanich here


Immigration to Canada reaches an all-time high with over 400,000 arrivals. Great new Hudson’s Bay Department Store to be built at Fisgard and Douglas
May 15 – The Conservatives government imposes closure on debate for the first time in Canadian history to pass the Naval Aid Bill July 25 – HMS New Zealand welcomed to Victoria.  The ship was New Zealand’s contribution to the Royal Navy
June 17 – Stefanson’s Arctic Expedition sails from Victoria Aug 6 – The first death involving an airplane in Canada occurred at Victoria, BC, when American barnstormer John M. Bryant was killed.
Aug 15 – 50th Regiment (Gordon Highlanders) authorized.  Lt Col Arthur Currie appointed as first CO.
Nov 17 – National Transcontinental Railway, completed from Winnipeg, via Sioux Lookout, Kapuskasing, Cochrane and Québec City, to Moncton, NB. Oct 17 – The Panama Maru carrying 56 East Indians arrives in Victoria. Read an article published in the Victoria Daily times about the arrival of the Panama Maru here
Dec 29 – Royal Theatre opens with production of Kismet