A City at War – Student Projects

Over the period 2014-2018, the Department of History at the University of Victoria will offer a advanced course in Digital History titled A City at War -Putting Victoria’s History on the Internet.

More and more we are getting our information from the Internet and historians have to be looking at the Internet as a place to publish historical work if we want an audience.  This course critically evaluates the web and offers research and presentation skills.  To enhance research abilities students will be given orientation to different archives in Victoria and will develop a research project based on the history of Victoria in the decade 1910-1920 which was dominated by World War I.  In addition to research skills, basic web-site creation skills will also be taught with the WordPress software and the final research “product” of the course will be a web site and not a standard research paper.  Because of the novelty of both the research and the product the course will operate more like a workshop than a standard seminar.  No prior primary research or web site skills necessary.

This page will provide viewers with direct access to the student sites developed as part of that course.

Outline History 359


  • The Princess Sophia

  • Influenza

  • Resistance

  • HMCS Rainbow