Saanich Honour Roll

Search the A City Goes to War records of service database with the keyword “Saanich” to see individuals who were listed on the Saanich Honour Roll.

 Saanich HonRollcombined

The list of name as they appear on the Saanich Honour Roll are as follows:

Allberry Pte Harry

Alexander Pte Thomas

Amos Pte T.

Anderson Pte W.R.

Anderson Pte R.

Angus Sgt Jack I.

Apps Cpl W.J.

Askey Sgt Joseph S.

Ashton Pte R.P.

Asprey Trooper O.T.

Armstrong Pte N.W.

Almond Pte

Atwood Pte T.

Baldwin Pte E.S.

Baldwin Pte James

Ballantyne Pte A.

Baney Pte Alfred

Barrett Staff Sgt K.

Bartch Pte Herbert

Beaumont Pte Bert

Bell Driver A.C.

Bell Pte Ralph C.

Bird Cpl G.

Birkett Army Sgt F.

Birkett Sister Nora

Bobbett Pte Thomas

Booth Trooper Herbert

Bolton Pte W.

Beaumont Sapper G.

Brasier Sgt. F.S.

Bryson Pte George

Brewer Pte

Brown Lce Cpl H.W.

Bukin Pte Ernest D.

Butts Pte Frank

Butcher Pte H.

Butterfield Trooper E.

Button Cpl Alfred T.

Button Sgt Arthur F.

Button Pte Sydney G.

Caddell Pte Alex

Cameron Pte K. McL.

Campbell Pte Jas. H.

Campbell Pte T.

Campbell Pte G.

Campbell Pte J.

Carrier Pte Bernard

Carrier Driver Reg.

Carruthers Sgt. I.

Carrington Pte J.

Cambie Pte J.

Castle Pioneer T.G.

Cardwell Pte Joseph

Cleaves Pte Vincent

Chevalley Pte F.

Chamberlain Lce Cpl E.

Clough Pte Paul

Coates Pte

Coles Pte A.E.

Coles Bugler S.

Coles Bugler A.

Coles Sapper J.

Colton Sgt Alf. W.

Collins Pte Harry A.

Cobb Bandmaster D.

Colton Pte W.

Crabtree Sgt Mjr Levi

Crabtree Pte

Crabtree Pte

Court Pte W.

Costello Pte R.J.

Coton Pte Alfred J.

Coton Sgt H.D.

Cousins Pte W.J.

Coverdale Driver L.A.

Coverdale Driver R.W.

Coverdale Pte Wilbur

Darnell Pte Philip

Dawson Sgt Mjr C.F.

Dawson Bandmaster E.F.

Dawkins Pte D.

Dean Pte Arnold

Depew Pte John Sr.

Depew Pte John Jr.

Dewer Lieut James A.

Donald Pte Alex F.

Duffield Pte Archibald

Duffield Pte James

Duke Lieut L.

Edwards Pte J.B.

Emsley Bugler Albert

Etheridge Pte Reg.

Farmer Pte H.A.

Featherston Gunner S.D.

Foster Gunner Kenneth

Foster Pte Philip

Foster Bugler Alan

Frampton E

Franck Pte George

Franck Pte Victor

Franck Pte Joseph

Franck Pte Thomas

Franck Pte Albert

Franck Pte James

Freeland Sapper Frank

Fullerton Driver E.V.

Fowler Gunner E.V.

Gale Gunner William

Gale Pte B.G.

Gaiger Bandsman A.P.

Garnet Pte Wilfred

Gann Pte Herbert

Gearey Gunner Clarence G.

Gibson Pte Wm. Jas.

Galbraith Pte M.

Gill Cpl C.A.

Girling Lce Cpl A.H.G.

Girling Gunner Leonard S.

Girling Gunner Stanley

Girling Pte Godfrey

Girling Pte Samuel M.

Goldie Pte W. Sr.

Goldie Pte W. Jr.

Goffin Pte Victor

Grant Pte John M.

Green Sgt Mjr A.T.

Green Sig Cpl Percy A.

Green Pte Walter Thos.

Green Pte Victor A.

Green Pte Joseph

Green Pte J. Thomas

Green Joseph A.

Green Pte James A.

Green Driver W.H.

Grainger Pte Bert.

Grainger Pte Thomas

Grainger Pte Herbert

Greig Pte Charles

Greenshaw Pte C.

Griffin Bandsman A.G.

Griffin Bandsman A.N.

Griffin Driver O.R.

Hadfield Pte Wm.

Hall Pte W.G.

Hall Cpl T.W.

Hallam Sapper James

Hadden Driver T.R.

Hart Pte G.B.

Harvey Pte Frank

Hamilton Pte R. Wilkin

Head Cpl W.G.

Heal Lce Cpl F. George

Heal Pte Earl C.

Hammill Sgt H.S.

Hector Pte W.

Henderson Gunner C.B.


Hick Pte C.G.

Hick Pte E.G.

Hickling Pte Reg. A.

Hector Cpl J.

Hill Pte J.

Hill Pte W.

Hill Bugler T.T.

Hibbert Driver Geo.

Hilliard Sgt E.

Hitchin Pte Henry

Hobbs Lce Cpl T.C.

Hobson Lce Cpl F. Paul

Hodgson Pte W.

Hodson Sapper Reg.

Hodgkinson Sgt S.

Holyoake Pte C.H.

Houghton Pte J.

Hull Pte Albert

Hughes Pte John

Howe Pte A.

Howe Pte. J.

Irving Pte Robert

Jackson Pte Wm.

Jackson Cpl H.

John Pte F. Clifford

Johnson Pte Alf. A.

Johnson Pte A.E.

Johnston Sgt Mjr W.J.

Johnston Sapper D.W.

Johnson Pte W.

Jones Pte Arthur

Jones Pte Fred

Jones Lce Cpl J.W.

Kelling Pioneer Geo. L.

Kellow Pte Robt

King Pioneer F.C.

Kirchin Pte C.H.

Kirswell Pte T.

Lamberth Pte R.

Large Pte W.R.

Lang Pte L.

Lawrence Sig Sgt E.J.

Lawrence Pte R.E.

Leigh A.

Letts Pte A.F.

Liptrot Pte J.

Liptrot Pte W.

Little Pte R.S.

Luff Pte Frank

Massey Cpl Owen

Mallett Pte Arthur

Matheson Sgt Jas. J.

Matheson Pte Murdock

Matthews Gunner H.B.

Matthews Lce Cpl W.C.

Mattin Driver F.

Martin Cpl W.

May Gunner J.G.

Mayo Pte Thos. Sr.

Menmuir Pte David

Meads Bandmaster S.

Milne Pte H.

Moody Pte Horace A.

Moody Pte Edgar L.

Moore Pte Fred

Munro Pte F.T.

Murray Pte Alex S.

Murray Pte Robert

Muir Drummer Wm. D.

McCreight Trooper

McCullough Pte David

McCullough Pte Samuel

McGowan Sapper Ralph

McIntyre Pte A.

McNally Pte W.H.

McSween Pte Neil

Neville Cpl W.B.

Norwood Lieut E.J.

Oates Pte A.E.

Ockwell Pte George

Oldfield Pte Kenneth J.

Oldfield Capt H.L.

O’Meara Pte A.V.

O’Meara Cpl Tom

Oldfield Sapper E.

O’Shea Pte Ben

Owens Pte Norman

Owens Gunner Robert

Parkinson Pte Fredk.

Patterson Pte John

Pemberton Pte J.W.

Petch Staff Sgt Sidney

Petch Pte Robert A.

Petch Sgt F. Ernest

Petch Cpl Arthur

Petch Pte George M.

Peterson Pte John

Peterson Pte Wm.

Pinder Pte Joseph

Pierce Pte E.A.

Pinkerton Pte Eldon

Pook Sgt F.

Peter Pte Kenneth W.

Reid Pte A.J.

Rice Gunner Arthur

Rice Sapper R.G.

Richardson Pte Chas.

Richardson Pte John

Richardson Pte Edward

Ridgeley Pte Percy

Riddell Pte Walter

Riley Pte Arthur W.E.

Robinson Pte T.

Roberts Gunner J.G.

Rough Pte H.L.

Rough Pte Henry

Rowland Gunner E.

Sattersthwaite Pioneer W.

Scharschmidt Capt H.B.

Scharschmidt Lieut Guy

Scott Pte Robert Graham

Scott Pte C.


Singer Pte Walter John

Simmonds Gunner W.D.

Shires Trooper J.

Smith Sgt R. Lomas

Smith Pte F.

Smith Pte A.W.

Smith Cpl John W.

Smith Lce Cpl Wm.

Smith Pte Henry

Steele Pte Joseph

Steele Cyclist Arthur

Steele Gordon

Stevens Sgt Vernon

Stevens Pte Gerald

Stewart Cpl. A.

Stewart Pte Fred

Stewart Pte W.

Stewart Pte Frank

Stacey Driver Albert

Stacey Pte Fred

Steyan C.L.

Swallow Pte H.

Thompson Bugler Hugh

Thurburn Lieut A.E.C.S.

Taylor Lieut E.R.

Taylor Driver H.V.

Tillie Pte W.

Todd Bombdr Thomas

Toogood Cpl Fred

Toogood Lce Cpl Charles

Treherne Gunner H.R.

Trickey Cpl W.J.

Toms Pte Charles

Toms Pte Fred

Toms Pte Sydney

Thomas Clarence

Verling Pte Barney

Walker Sister Maud

Wallis Pte Percy

Wallis Lce Cpl Wm

Walsh Sapper Fred M.

Watts Pte Cecil

Waton Geo. Chas.

Watt Pte Wm. McLeod

Wainwright Pte Albert

Webster Pte F.

Webster Pioneer H.

Webster Pte J.

Westgate Pte A.C.

Willey Pte Frank

Whittle Pte R.

Whittle Pte S.

Whittle Pte J.G.

Whitman Pte Chas. L.

White Sgt A.

Williams Sig John

Williams Pte J.

Williams J.

Williams Gunner J.

Wilson Cpl Henry John

Wilson Pte Morris

Wilson Pte Ronald

Wilson Driver Cyril S.

Winkle Lieut W.

Wright Pte T.

Wright Pte C.J.

Wood Cpl W.R.

Webster Pte Wm.

Yates Pte W.

Young Gunner Henry H.

Young Pte Douglas B.

Young Pte John Leonard

Young Pte Wm.

Young Pte Arthur

Young Pte John Wm.

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Search the A City Goes to War records of service database with the keyword “Saanich” to see individuals who were listed on the Saanich Honour Roll.

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You can get involved by:

  • Providing photographs or other information on a Saanich WWI Veteran
  • Researching one of the names from the Saanich Honour Roll ( jpg) (pdf)
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