Victoria Timeline 1916


1916  – Reinforcement

Canada and the World


National Research Council formed    *View documents by year in the document archive.
Jan 28 – Manitoba became the first province to grant women the right to vote and hold public office.
Feb 3 – Original parliament buildings destroyed by fire
Feb 10 – anti German riot in Calgary
Feb 21 – Dec 16 – The Battle of Verdun Feb 28 – BC announced subsidy to support construction of merchant ships
Mar 14 – Women won right to vote in Saskatchewan Mar 24 – 67th Battalion of about 1,100 departed for the front
Apr 3 – Battle of Saint-Éloi – 2nd Canadian Division Apr 12 – Workmen’s Compensation Act introduced
Apr 19 – Women won right to vote in Alberta May 14 – Vancouver Island Marine Co. formed
Jun 2 – Battle of Mont Sorrel – 3rd Canadian Division May 23 – 88th Battalion of about 1,100 departed for the front
June 5 – HMS Hampshire sunk by German mine with Lord Kitchener aboard.
July 1 – Prohibition in Alberta July 15 – 103rd Battalion departs
July 1 – Opening day of the Battle of the Somme.  Newfoundland Regiment capture Beaumont-Hamel July 20 – Visit of the Duke and Duchess of Connaught on their farewell tour
Sept 11 – Bridge at Quebec collapsed during construction
Sept 15 – Canadians captured Courcelette during Battle of the Somme
Nov 11 – Canadians captured Regina trench during the Somme Battle Nov 23 – Liberal leader Harlan Brewster sworn in as BC Premier
Nov – Sir Sam Hughes replaced as Minister of Militia over Ross Rifle
Dec 16 – Connaught Tunnel opened at Rogers Pass